Simplified Reporting

Simplified ACA Reporting and 1095/1094 Form Filing with ACA Reporter

Stay compliant and minimize IRS penalties with ACA Reporter's powerful 1095/1094 form generation, code calculation, e-filing, and distribution capabilities. Our comprehensive ACA reporting software makes compliance easy. 

Form Generation

Simplified 1095 Form Generation

ACA Reporter generates all required 1095 forms (1095-B, 1095-C) for your workforce with a single click. The software seamlessly integrates with your data sources to accurately populate each 1095 form and calculate the proper codes for each employee. This saves you significant time compared to manual form preparation while ensuring accuracy. 

By automatically analyzing your data and applying the ACA regulations, ACA Reporter only generates 1095 forms for those who require them, reducing unnecessary busywork. Our software can generate forms for single or multiple companies, locations, and EINs with ease. 

Key Benefits:

Accurately auto-populate 1095 forms with calculated codes

Create 1095 and 1094 forms on demand

Generate forms for single or multiple companies or locations

Identify full-time employees who require 1095 forms

Eliminate manual form preparation and errors

Seamless Electronic IRS Filing

Reduce Stress, Risk, and Manual Work

Once 1095 forms are generated, our e-filing feature allows you to electronically submit them along with 1094 transmittal forms to the IRS with ease. ACA Reporter handles all the complex protocols and validation required for successful electronic filing. 

Within minutes, you can securely transmit your 1094/1095 data to the IRS and receive instant confirmation upon acceptance. All filings are recorded for easy access to historical records and transmission receipts. You can be confident your organization remains 100% ACA compliant. 

Key Benefits: 
  • Securely transmit 1094/1095 data to the IRS with ease
  • Receive instant confirmation of successful transmission
  • Access complete historical filing records
  • Avoid IRS rejection with built-in validation checks
  • Remain 100% compliant with hassle-free e-filing 
  • Resolve any ACA backfiling needs

Convenient 1095 Distribution

ACA Reporter enables you to quickly distribute individual 1095 forms to your workforce. Once the forms have been generated and errors corrected simply click a button and ACA Reporter will take care of ensuring each employee receives a copy of their 1095 form. 

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Compliance Changes

Ongoing ACA Compliance & Protection

Leverage the full power of ACA Reporter's robust reporting tools to safeguard your business from IRS penalties and ensure full ACA compliance year after year. Our software integrates the latest regulatory updates so you can avoid errors and fines. 

Detailed audit trails provide additional transparency and protection. Stay on top of your compliance status with real-time dashboards that flag issues needing attention. Mitigate risks and avoid fines. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Avoid steep IRS fines and penalties 
  • Ensure compliance as regulations change 
  • Detailed audit trails for added security 
  • Real-time dashboards monitor status 
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Best-in-Class Support

Expert Implementation, Training, & Support

Our team of ACA reporting experts provides guidance every step of the way - from software implementation to ongoing compliance monitoring. Let us handle the complexity so you can focus on your core business. 

We ensure smooth software configuration with your systems and workflows. Our ACA specialists train your team on using the software to maintain compliance and generate filings. Receive ongoing support from our dedicated compliance professionals who become an extension of your team. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Seamless software implementation and integration
  • Expert training sessions for your team
  • Proactive compliance monitoring and notifications
  • Dedicated support throughout the entire process
  • Let us handle the complexity as regulations change 

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Streamline ACA Filing with ACA Reporter

ACA reporting doesn't have to be a burden. Simplify the process while reducing errors with ACA Reporter. Our team of ACA experts is here to help you navigate any reporting challenges. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive 1095 e-filing and distribution solution.