Streamline QuickBooks ACA Compliance and Reporting

Simplify ACA compliance with year-round tracking and analytical dashboards. Plus, enjoy an easy, streamlined process for moving data from QuickBooks Desktop.

Simplify ACA Compliance

Filing for ACA  using your QuickBooks Desktop data has never been easier. 

Our software easily pulls QuickBooks payroll data to track and calculate ACA compliance. View a list of employees who require an offer of coverage. No more manual form creation or errors from data discrepancies.

Best of all, when it comes time to file with the IRS, our solution streamlines the submission process. Just review the populated 1095-C forms, make any necessary corrections, approve, and e-file with the click of a button!
Simplify ACA tracking, calculations, and reporting so you can focus on your business, not regulatory busywork.
Our Features

ACA Reporting Made Easy

ACA Reporter for QuickBooks generates all of your needed 1095 forms (1095-B, 1095-C) with a single click, provides you with monitoring dashboards, and manages both payroll aggregation and employee timelines. We help you easily e-file, and monitor the status of your submissions. 

Automatically creates compliant payroll files that integrate seamlessly with ACA Reporter, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.
Instantly calculates which employees meet ACA criteria for requiring an offer of coverage, eliminating manual review.
Includes at-a-glance dashboards and employee lists that simplify ACA compliance efforts.
Date Management

Designed for QuickBooks Users

Integrating ACA Reporter into your QuickBooks Desktop payroll system is seamless. Once installed, the plug-in allows you to easily export custom payroll reports containing all required employee data for ACA calculations.

ACA Reporter automatically imports your payroll data and gets right to work determining full-time employee status per ACA criteria and assessing coverage requirements. The system accounts for variables like measurement periods, safe harbor rules, and stability periods when making these intelligent compliance decisions.

User-friendly dashboards provide at-a-glance views of key ACA metrics like affordability percentages, full-time equivalent employee counts, and more - eliminating guesswork. Drill-down reports make it simple to identify issues and take corrective actions if needed.

ACA Reporter also automatically generates lists of employees requiring coverage offers along with audit trails showing exact calculation details. Come tax season, exporting populated Form 1095-Cs to file with the IRS takes just a few clicks.

See How Simple Our Integration Is!

Simplify ACA Reporting, Unlock QuickBooks Potential

Managing Affordable Care Act compliance doesn't have to be a headache - not when you have the power of ACA Reporter enhancing your QuickBooks platform.

Our innovative software solution seamlessly integrates with your existing payroll data to automate the most challenging aspects of ACA tracking and reporting. No more wrestling with complex measurement rules or filing confusing 1095-C forms.

Schedule a free demo with one of our ACA reporting specialists to learn more about how we can simplify regulatory burdens for your business.

See firsthand how intuitive features like compliance dashboards, automated form generation, and IRS e-filing make meeting ACA requirements almost effortless.