Employers with over 50 full-time employees need to report:

  • Whether they made an offer of health care coverage to full-time employees and their dependents, and when the offer was made.
  • Whether the offered health care coverage is affordable.
  • Whether employees are enrolled in the offered health care coverage.

ACA Reporter can help streamline this process to save you time while keeping you compliant.


Simplify ACA compliance with an intuitive solution supported by our passionate ACA Team:




Easy Implementation

ACA Reporter setup can be completed quickly. The flexibility and simplicity of the system allows it to match your organization's measurement method, lowest cost plans and safe harbors

Reduce Submission Errors

Our ACA tracking and reporting software presents 1095 errors for quick review and correction. The system also populates them with the code combinations needed for an accurate IRS submission. 

Complete ACA Soltuion

ACA Reporter will simplify the process of aggregating payroll for variable hour employees and provides easy to use dashboards to ensure your organization knows your compliance standing.

ACA Reporting Overview

This video provides more information on our streamlined ACA Reporter dashboard and how it will help your business stay in compliance with the ACA reporting requirements.
Learn how we make it easy to monitor compliance and navigate ACA Reporter.

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Grow your Revenue With the ACA Reporter Partnership Program

Our leading ACA tracking and reporting solution delivers best-in-class service to your clients. The program allows you to provide your clients a complete ACA compliance solution. We partner with a range of consulting professionals including Administrative Services Organizations (ASO), Professional Employer Organizations (PEO), Certified Public Account (CPA) Firms, and Benefits Brokers and Human Resources Consultants.

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