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Simplify ACA Compliance with Seamless Payroll Aggregation

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Consolidate Multi-Source Payrolls for Holistic ACA Measurement

At Points North, we know that collecting and consolidating payroll data from multiple sources can be a major challenge for ACA compliance. That's why ACA Reporter provides powerful yet intuitive payroll aggregation tools to give you a complete view of your workforce.

With ACA Reporter's integrated payroll aggregation, you can easily combine payroll records across your organization - no matter how complex your structure - for streamlined Affordable Care Act reporting.

ACA Reporter enables you to seamlessly aggregate payroll data from multiple entities, locations, systems, and providers into a unified database. This gives you the comprehensive workforce insight you need for accurate ACA measurement and tracking.

Specifically, ACA Reporter supports payroll aggregation for:

Control Groups and Common Ownership

Easily integrate payroll data across entities that meet the ACA requirement for aggregate reporting. Get an integrated view of your control group's combined workforce for simplified ACA compliance.

Switching Payroll Providers

If you change payroll systems, ACA Reporter lets you consolidate historical payroll records from your legacy provider with the payroll records from your current payroll system. Thus, ensuring you do not have gaps in your payroll data for ACA compliance. No disruption to your compliance process.

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Who Can Benefit from Payroll Aggregation

Payroll aggregation delivers the most value for businesses with the following characteristics:

  • Multi-location operations - Restaurants, retailers, convenience stores, salons/spas, healthcare providers, hospitality brands, etc. with numerous locations can greatly simplify payroll and ACA compliance by centralizing data.
  • Franchise businesses - Franchisors and franchisees can unify payroll processes and reporting across all franchise locations, improving compliance.
  • Recently merged companies - Following an acquisition or merger, combining dispersed payrolls quickly is crucial for consistent ACA compliance. Our aggregation brings uniformity to payroll after organizational changes.
  • Large regional coverage - For companies with a presence across multiple states or regions, aggregating payroll provides consistency and oversight for ACA compliance.
  • Separate payroll systems - If locations or divisions run different payroll systems or providers, our aggregation brings everything together into one unified payroll.
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Managing ACA Compliance Through Payroll Aggregation

The Affordable Care Act requires applicable large employers to offer affordable health coverage to full-time employees working over 30 hours per week. For multi-location employers, tracking hours and benefits eligibility across dispersed worksites is complex. Our payroll aggregation simplifies ACA compliance by:

  • Consolidating hours data enterprise-wide to identify full-time employees accurately
  • Enabling consistent measurement of hourly and salaried employees’ time across all locations
  • Streamlining benefits enrollment based on centralized eligibility information
  • Providing detailed reporting on workforce metrics relevant to ACA mandates
  • Allowing consistent application of ACA compliance rules across the entire organization

By aggregating payroll, you gain a unified dataset and a single system of record for managing compliance. This reduces the risk of errors and penalties that can result from trying to reconcile separate payroll systems. The consolidated data also ensures you don't miss full-time employees who may be nearing the 30-hour threshold.

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