Navigating Health Reform Mandates

Streamlining ACA Compliance and IRS Reporting in the Home Healthcare Industry

As home healthcare continues its rapid expansion, companies in this sector face growing scrutiny around ACA compliance. Avoiding IRS penalties and meeting filing obligations has become a major pain point that can drain limited time and resources from these companies already spread thin from demand. With ACA Reporter's purpose-built tools for home healthcare employers, you can streamline ACA compliance and reporting to focus on your core business and giving quality care to your clients.

The Surging Home Healthcare Industry Comes Under ACA Oversight

Driven by an aging population, rising chronic illness rates, and patient preference for in-home care, the home healthcare industry has entered a period of unprecedented growth. With an expected increase in revenue of over 60% over the next 7 years, the industry is expected to grow by tens of billions of dollars.

With this shocking growth comes greater attention, and home healthcare employers with over 50 full-time equivalent employees fall under the Affordable Care Act's regulations for Applicable Large Employers (ALEs). The calculations needed to accurately determine your organization's ALE status can be complicated. ACA Reporter can make this process simple. Or you can perform manual calculations every month adhering to the IRS’ rules. This designation comes with a host of IRS filing and compliance mandates.

Failing to meet these ACA requirements can lead to crippling penalties:

  • Thousands per employee for failing to offer adequate health coverage
  • Thousands per employee for unaffordable or inadequate coverage
  • Hundreds in annual reporting penalties for not filing per employee

For home healthcare companies scaling up staff to serve expanding demand, these financial risks are impossible to ignore. However, allocating scarce time towards complex regulatory obligations can be a major distraction.


Determining Full-Time Status Remotely is Now Possible

For home healthcare companies managing a dispersed and mobile workforce across multiple locations or states, determining full-time status under the ACA's complex measurement rules has been near impossible without time-consuming manual processes. ACA Reporter solves this challenge through intuitive tools to:

  • Automatically import hour data from multiple remote time tracking systems into one consolidated database
  • Apply ACA measurement rules to pinpoint ACA full-time equivalent employees.
  • Adjust calculations to account for on-call time, travel time, and overtime.
  • Allow easy corrections to time data while maintaining detailed audit trails.

With a clear centralized database of employee hours and ACA status, home healthcare companies can correctly categorize staff across all locations to avoid penalties.


Making ACA Health Plan Offers More Efficient

In addition to IRS reporting penalties, failing to make adequate and affordable health plan offers to 95% of full-time staff can trigger the substantial "Play or Pay" penalties. On top of fines, non-compliance with this central ACA provision creates employee relations issues and legal risks.

Manually managing eligibility, enrollment, and tracking offers to ensure compliance is time-consuming and prone to mistakes. With our robust tools, home healthcare companies can demonstrate air-tight compliance with ACA plan offer mandates to avoid penalties. ACA Reporter makes it simple through:

  • Auto-identifying which employees require health plan offers.
  • Ensuring employee contribution levels to meet "affordability" standards.
  • Maintaining detailed audit records of every offer made and employee enrollment status.

Seamlessly Generate All IRS Reporting Forms

The complexity of ACA information forms 1094 and 1095 and tight filing deadlines create major bottlenecks for home healthcare companies each year. ACA Reporter eliminates these hassles by enabling you to:

  • Automatically pull required data from integrated systems in the right formats
  • Scan for missing data and errors through validation checks
  • Make corrections across forms in bulk quickly before filing
  • Produce, review, and electronically submit all forms to the IRS with a single click

Leveraging this streamlined reporting automation, home healthcare employers can meet ACA reporting timelines with dramatic time savings while reducing audit risk from inaccuracies.


Ongoing Support to Master Healthcare ACA Nuances

Each year brings new demands on home healthcare companies to interpret ambiguous ACA regulations and adapt systems and processes. With ACA Reporter's ongoing compliance support, you don't have to navigate these challenges alone.

Our experienced ACA advisors provide guidance to:

  • Keep you updated on the latest IRS rules, FAQs, and notices.
  • Clarify how evolving regulations apply to home healthcare's unique needs.
  • Help enhance your ACA compliance infrastructure as your business grows.
  • Assist with compliance questionnaires from partners and government audits.

Through this partnership, you gain the confidence and expertise needed to meet every ACA requirement while never missing a beat.

Simplify Healthcare ACA Compliance with ACA Reporter

As home healthcare leaders focus on delivering exceptional patient-centered care in a complex field, ACA regulatory burdens shouldn't divert your time and attention. By partnering with ACA Reporter for simplified IRS compliance, you can continue driving your company's essential growth and service mission.

Contact us today to learn more about how leading home healthcare employers use ACA Reporter to ensure compliance, unlock administrative time, and gain peace of mind. We're ready to support your ACA compliance journey.