ACA Reporting To Grow In Complexity - Ensure You Remain Compliant

Most of the businesses and insurance companies are now familiar with the Affordable Care Act ACA. For compliance, employers and insurers need to file to the Internal Revenue Service and provide copies to recipients. It is basically the process of filling in this information and sending documents. Employers need to file the annual information with the IRS and give reports to employees. Employers having self-insured 50 or more full-time employees should provide healthcare coverage information to employees and the IRS.

Challenges to ACA Reporting Process

For large organizations with many employees, it is difficult to keep the record of required ACA compliance. The process can be time-taking and overwhelming as it requires:

  • To stay at the top of every policy change and up-to-date with requirements.
  • Navigation of a multitude of features like full-time eligibility, look back, time, and data synchronization.
  • Compliance, reviewing, filing, and sending multiple forms.

Why Is The ACA Reporting Process Getting Complicated?

According to the rule of 95, all companies must provide a record of 95% of employees following the federal requirements. The companies that file incorrectly or don’t file at all have to face severe penalties. The fulfillment of ACA requirements has become more challenging.

Staying Compliant Is Difficult For Large Organizations

With the advancement in companies, ACA reporting is expected to become more complex. The complexities depend upon the size of your company and number of variable hour employees. There may be various aspects of a business that can make the ACA more difficult. A company may have a variable-house staff working in multiple owned companies. For such complex businesses, ACA compliance becomes a bit difficult as you have to consider.

The Takeaway

Want to stay in compliance with ACA requirements? As the leader in reporting, ACA Reporter has many options to help you stay compliant. Our world-class ACA Compliance solution and next-generation technologies make it easy to comply with ACA requirements. Choose us to gain control and full transparency into your ACA Compliance. Our automated features will reduce the risks with liability.

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